Who We Are

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) is dedicated exclusively to implementing a single-payer national health program in the United States. We believe access to high-quality health care is a right of all people and should be provided equitably as a public service rather than bought and sold as a commodity. Our work involves educating health care providers and the general public on the need for comprehensive, high-quality, publicly funded, but privately delivered health care.  The benefits of a single-payer system include dramatically decreased administrative costs (estimated at over $400 billion dollars annually in 2010). This is enough to cover the 50 million uninsured Americans and improve care for the remainder. 

The South Carolina chapter of PNHP was formed in 2012 recognizing that our state is home to many dedicated physicians who share our sentiment.   Since its establishment, our chapter has been active advocating for both national and state reform to make single-payer a reality.  Our chapter members speak to physician groups and the public, are invited to sit on healthcare reform panels, write articles and opinion pieces, testify at committee hearings, and give interviews to various media outlets. Please see our Chapter Events and Local Single Payer News sections for more information. We have a core of activists available to speak to any group or organization that would like to learn more about single-payer health care.  For scheduling, please contact us at

As physicians we recognize that we are uniquely well-positioned to advocate effectively for single-payer reform, and we believe it is our responsibility to do so.  If you are a physician or provider and support single-payer, please join our group by signing our resolution.  We limit our e-mails to one or two per month.  Also please peruse the national PNHP website as it is an excellent source of information.

- David F. Keely, M.D., President, Rock Hill, SC.